Paul Roback’s Model R Case

Published March 17, 2018 by admin in Articles

My dad, Paul, and my grandfather Bill Roback started collecting tractors around 1972. It all began when they restored a Model C Case together, which granddad had bought new. We still have the tractor. Grandpa used the tractor to do custom combining.

As the years rolled by, dad decided he would like to have an unstyled Model R to restore. In the spring of 2007, our friend — the late Billy Overturf at Oak, Nebraska — called and told dad that he had plans of selling his Model R on an upcoming auction but would not list it if we wanted it.

We also got the remains of an RC parts tractor with it. Billy had got the Model R as part of a trade with a man from southeastern Nebraska. It is our guess the tractor spent its working days in Illinois as it still has a tag that reads: “State of Illinois Division of Highway, District 4.”

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